Can Eating Better Help To Strength Your Vaginal Muscles?

If you are currently dealing with vaginal looseness you have probably researched the problem thoroughly. I originally went searching for a cure because I noticed I had a stretched and loose vagina after birth of my first child. You’ve then discovered that your lose vag is due to weakened pelvic floor muscles. So using your common sense you have figured out that you need to strength these specific muscles. This is just what makes sense. The question you most likely have is ‘are the pelvic floor muscles the same as any other muscles in your body?’.

The truth is they are. To strengthen them you need to work them out like any other muscle group of your body. For example, if you want a flat stomach you need to workout your abs. Apply the same thought process to these vaginal muscles. You need to perform kegels to make them stronger. The next thing you need to do is eat the right diet. This is the same as if you were trying to lose weight. Diet and exercise seem to be the key to fixing every sort of health problem you are facing. This is no different.

You want to ensure you are properly nourishing your muscles for successful growth. For these muscles to grow strong you need to work them out so the muscles breakdown, and then regrow back even stronger. You should aim for a diet full of whole grains, lean meat protein, organic fruits, and vegetables. These are the best remedy for helping the pelvic floor muscles to grow strong and dense.

Using a topical cream can also help to keep the skin around these muscles lubricated and avoid stretching. We recommend the aloe vagina cure as it has a great success rate among many women over forty. Another common remedy you’ve probably discovered is apple cider vinegar. It seems like no matter what health problem you have this is an at home remedy that is suggested. Vinegar can cure a lot of things, including a loose feeling vagina. But you may be wondering ‘does using vinegar to tighten your vag provide fast results?‘.

Well this really depends on your definition of fast. You should expect this method to take about two to three months before you really start to see results. If you are looking for something fast we suggest a vagina tightening product like V-Tight.

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